Savannah Miller inspired by Noddy and Big Ears for Twenty8Twelve collection


Often when you glance at designers inspiration boards you find swatches of fabrics, faded images ranging from pre-1900 to the 1970s and photographs of loved ones.

Well if you take one glance at Savannah Miller’s inspiration board for the Fall 09/10 collection for Twenty8Twelve, the collection she co-designs with her sister Sienna Miller, you may find a picture of the cartoon characters from children’s books and cartoon, Noddy.

Miller was particularly inspired by the characters primary-coloured clothes, especially Noddy’s friend, Big Ears, a friendly brownie when she was on maternity leave.

“I get lots of ideas on the sofa. Our next pre-collection is actually inspired by Noddy and Big Ears. It was on maternity leave that I noticed how incredible Big Ears looked in his blue swing jacket and cropped cream trousers with the green stripe,” Miller told The Times.

“On the other hand, there’s lying awake at night, worrying about life. That’s when you have your best ideas – those moments of madness in the twilight.”

Watch out for cream striped trousers on the runway when the Fall 09/10 Twenty8Twelve makes its fashion week debut at London Fashion Week on Sunday February 22, 2009.

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  • Charlie says:

    Ugh! Seriously??! I really dislike this homewrecker… I would never wear anything by this woman, plus her style has taken a turn for the worse. Im happy looking gorgeous in a pair of skinny jeans, perfect fit tee (kstreet), vintage boots and a blazer… so not into buying into greedy celebs trying to make an extra buck, how long till she releases her own perfume… Ugh!

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