Nicole Trunfio takes over from Niki Taylor on ‘Make Me a Supermodel’


Make Me Supermodel has been given a makeover starting with its female model mentor, with former CoverGirl spokesperson Niki Taylor replaced by 23-year-old Australian model, Nicole Trunfio.

The judging panel has a few new faces with French fashion designer Catherine Malandrino (who was also once a guest judge on Project Runway), model Jenny Shimizu, photographer Perou and model scout Marlon.

Trunfio has a unique position in her role as model mentor, she won Season 3 of Search for a Supermodel in Australia in 2002 before competing at the Ford Supermodel of the World contest and coming in third.

No date air date has been announced but as FrockWriter points out, this is quite a gig for the young model given the model talents out there.

As a interesting side bar (yes I watched the show when it first aired), in the same season of Search for a Supermodel Trunfio competed against the likes of Tiah Eckhardt who posed for Agent Provocatuer in 2007 and Gemma Ward (yes, that one) was singled out of the crowd but was not able to make it through to the final 14 girls. None the less, both girls went on to do big things but have found the time to holiday together in Australia just a week or so ago.

UPDATE: The list of contestants have been unveiled, check them out here
and hear the judges talk about what kind of model they’re looking for.

Check out video clips from Australia’s Search for a Supermodel Series 3 featuring Gemma Ward and Nicole Trunfio as teenagers below:

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  • Paddy says:

    I think the changes suck really bad cause now it´s just like any other runway show…I loved that the audience was able to decide who´ll win cause you know now it´s really like America´s Next Top Model and the thing with the guys psh we seen that on America´s Smartest Model or however that crap was called…also I don´t like they replaced Niki Taylor cause the new girl is just creeping me out ugh

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