Lindsay Lohan goes from face of Miu Miu to Jill Stuart to… Fornarina


Lindsay Lohan has spent much the last few months off the high fashion radar. Ok she has launched a collection of leggings (where I agree with Blair Waldorf, they are not pants) but she went from the face of Dooney and Bourke to Miu Miu then Jill Stuart to… not so much.

Well La Lohan is back as the face of Fornarina for Spring 2009, a Italian clothing brand for young women – think Miss Sixty with a little more boho flair.

While Fornarina has chosen the right star for their target audience, with the money they would have spent on signing and shooting the star, these Spring 2009 campaign images (more below) just don’t pop. After all how many people want to own a tartan corset with lace trim.

As for why Lohan was chosen to front their advertising campaign, Fornarina calls Lohan “the Hollywood celebrity testimonial of the brand. Young, beautiful, eclectic, with great talent and a great personality, Lindsay Lohan immediately appeared as one of the few in the show-biz able to represent the glamorous style of Fornarina.”

Check out the other Fornarina Spring 2009 campaign photos below.


What do you think if this Fornarina campaign, hot or not?


  • Sonya says:

    I agree leggings are not pants…however judging by the number of people I see wearing them as such I don’t think the rest of Australia agrees.

    I think the outfits are awful but then I don’t think Lindsey Lohan is that fabulous so I am probably not the target market anyway!

  • Sophia says:

    i think the girl is losing her pizazz… must be all the crack she’s doing. the drugs are finally getting to her!

  • Cecilia says:

    That hair length is doing her no favors.
    And I don’t think anyone with common sense is going to wear that corset.
    That and her makeup looks awful.

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