Franz Ferdinand fix up, look sharp; Taylor Momsen goes viral for Nike; Coco Rocha wants to make you a star!

– There’s a certain sneering swagger about the four ominously handsome members of ultra-hip Scottish outfit Franz Ferdinand that lends itself very well to high-end menswear. With their glowering, angular features, dagger-sharp wit, and penchant for ensembles as sharp and stylized as their hyperkinetic guitars, they are as close to raw model material is you are likely to find in the Scottish highlands. Anyway, John Varvatos has taken note of Alex Kaprano & Co.’s impeccable image and have placed the band in his latest Spring 2009 Ad Campaign, just in time for the release of their third album, Tonight: Franz Ferdinand. Even when eating ice cream, these lads look nothing short of coolly cynical. Awesome.

– Sportswear promotions are no stranger to the Gossip Girl cast — Ed Westwick is the face of K-Swiss, Leighton Meester is Reebok’s poster girl – but neither of their campaigns are as compelling as Taylor Momsen aka Little J)’s viral video stunt for Nike. Complete with a careening foot chase, swarming paparazzi, and some impressive getaway leaps and bounds from the leggy 15 year old (or her double), Momsen’s 60 second promo/hoax is equal parts TMZ, James Bond, and Billy Blanks. In a world: gripping.

Check it out below:

– Supermodel Coco Rocha wants you to entertain her! As you may know, Miss Rocha started a blog, Oh So Coco, last month, and with every ebullient, endearingly girly post, her readership rockets. Coco — like all models, if Fashion TV is to be believed — not only likes to invent dorky dance routines, she likes to watch her fans emulate her own Irish step dance moves. Correctly gauging the enthusiasm of her young, eager, and willing TFS fans (that’s The Fashion Spot), she’s inviting you all to have your moment of glory in her blogosphere. Send her your wackiest video — “It could be your interpretation of a models walk, or maybe your animal who’s name is Coco, or perhaps it’s you and your friends roll playing your favorite super models” she says — and she’ll post her favorites on Oh So Coco for the whole world to see.