Only Blair Waldorf could give Milly the cachet of Chanel

Though we feared a case of the mid-second season blahs might tarnish the Gotham youth drama’s unlikely winning streak, thankfully Monday night’s commencement of Gossip Girl didn’t disappoint. In fact, the heavily stylized, yet irresistible winter wonderland finery Blair Waldorf and her loyal band of followers — The Headbands, we call them — donned throughout the episode stole the show, and has us dreaming in shades of ivory, silver, and heather.

We love that Blair consorts about in garments provided by a dashing array of designers — from high to low, mainstream to indie — and it always is interesting to see how Gossip Girl stylist Eric Daman tweaks and builds the season’s looks into the dandy, match-happy ensembles that so distinctly bear the mark of a Waldorf. In this latest episode, we noticed that Daman’s Blair looks relied particularly heavily on a contemporary designer long championed by pretty young things: Milly. But in Blair’s hands, those black, white, and silver wintry outfits channel a much more timeless style maven: Coco Chanel.

Marking Milly’s first notable cameo this year, Blair gallivanted about Constance Billard wearing the brand’s popular Fitted Check Coat, which can be bought at Bergdorf Goodman for $368 (half of its original price) or at Jules B. We love the linear, yet prim superiority it conveys to anyone who eyes it with longing jealousy.

After a brief appearance in a soignée ruffled Shake It Cardigan from Nanette Lepore, Blair later stole our hearts during the episode’s climax, when she wore a truly elegant Milly Cap Sleeve Rhinestone Dress paired with one of her trademark turbans. Shopbop had the dress on sale for $292, but sadly (but not surprisingly, given the show’s bandwagon retail effect) it has sold out. However, if you are a size Medium, take a shot on this eBay auction.

In our opinion, that final smoldering look, topped with a superb Mara Hoffman tweed coat, was the best of the whole season so far. Echoing the type of ensemble a certain young Parisian 1920s femme fatale might have worn while tasting the taboos of her local speakeasy, it was the just the thing for Miss Waldorf to wear while coaxing a certain young, distressed Bass off the rooftop and into her arms.

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  • Sara says:

    I found the dress for super cheap on Ebay.
    I got mine for $300 on eBay but wish I held out ….

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