Tricks of the Trade: How To Wear YSL’s Pur Black Lip Gloss

Though it was originally predicted to only achieve cult status in the Fall 2008 hierarchy of beauty products, YSL’s Gloss Pur Black Lip Gloss has exceeded all commercial expectations to become a bonafide smash.

Given its popularity, limited edition appeal, attractive portability, and surprising versatility, we also think that the haute black lip lacquer may be the perfect stocking stuffer for edgy style mavens this holiday season.

Even those less inclined to channel Elvira, Siouxsie, or the slick vampiric fem-bots Elbar Albez sent down the runways last February can enjoy the empowering drama Pur Black instantly grants your lips.

The secret to inky nuance? It’s all in the technique.

If you only coat your lips in a single, trace layer of Pur Black lip gloss, the result will be akin to a tart, raspberry stain. Rather elegant, still subtle.

Two layers instantly doubles the impact: now you’re blessed with va-va voom black cherry lips — notably fierce, but safely within conventional beauty norms.

To transcend the ordinary cosmetic realm, you will need three or more swipes of Pur Black gloss. That is what it takes to achieve the truly venomous lips worthy of the exhilarating, futurist sci-fi/noir fantasy realm of YSL Fall 2008. We must warn you: this look is not for the unadventurous, but when done correctly, it looks amazing.

If Goth lips aren’t your cup of tea, but you still want to get creative with black gloss, then try using PUR on your eyes. A few imaginative makeup mavericks have already tried this trick, and have loved it.

Would you paint your lips black? Have you tried YSL’s infamous Pur Black gloss?