The Queen Has Arrived: Madonna for Louis Vuitton

Of all the campaign developments to emerge lately, no celebrity endorsement has been more debated — or anticipated — than Madonna for Louis Vuitton. Only weeks after news of her new spokesmodel status broke, the first shots of the campaign have arrived, and they look every bit as fierce as we had hoped.

Madge is a compelling addition to the LV ad legacy. In the new Steven Meisel shots, she stars as a feline and lithe luxe provocateur, posed haughtily in a smoky cinematic Parisian bar setting. While effortlessly characterizing Spring 2009’s overarching primitivism, she still is distinctively Madonna — the pop priestess gifted with unmistakable, preternatural confidence. She is a center attraction, a muse, and an aesthetic interpreter all in one. Plus, her lethal looking tribal accessories are fetching.

Marc Jacobs should be proud. Naturally, this was all his idea:

“I wanted the campaign to be very bold, very sensual and very atmospheric,” Jacobs said. “To carry this off, we needed the ultimate performer – and for me, that is Madonna.”

Madonna reputedly commanded an exceeding hefty fee for her involvement in the campaign, with some rumors estimating she collected a $10 Million paycheck. However, everyone involved claims this simply isn’t the case — though, of course, no one will reveal the actual amount she was paid.

Whatever she cost LVMH, we think it was worth it!

Check out our larger versions of Madonna’s Louis Vuitton ads below. What do you think of them?


  • Caroline says:

    The visuals are appealing, but this campaign could win some sort of award for Photoshopping. Where are the bulging veins and forearm muscles?

  • catherine says:

    j’adore her look and the collection seems to be hot!! I like the bistro in background 🙂 remind me Paris!!!!!

  • Alessanrdra says:

    Madonna’s pretty fierce, but I think that one pose with her legs out is kind of disturbing from a woman of her age…no offense. On the plus side the out fit, bag and setting tie in well, but is it me or is her expression kind of monotone here?

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