PETA lets you take aim at Madonna, The Olsen Twins, Donna Karan and Sarah Palin in a snowball fight


The People for the Ethical Treament of Animals (PETA) are taking aim at “fur hags” like Madonna, Donna Karan, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Sarah Palin and even Colonel Sanders with their latest creation – PETA’s Holiday Snowball Fight game.

PETA’s game allows you to score points for throwing snowballs at “animal abusers by clicking on them with your mouse”.

According to the games instructions, “if you’re a good enough shot, you’ll move on to the next level and make the holidays safer for animals!”

To top it all off each the celebrity is worth a certain number of points, with Madonna worth a paltry 10 points, Donna Karan 25, Sarah Palin 25 and the “Trollsen Twins” worth a whopping 50.

Check out the game here – you can also take aim at the likes of Charlton Heston, Larry Jones and Eight Belles’ Jockey. Just make sure you don’t hit innocent reindeer, children and grannies.