Cheryl Cole: British girl group icon, difficult Vogue cover girl?

When Cheryl ColeGirls Aloud’s reigning queen bee and the public darling of the X Factor panel – was beckoned by British Vogue to be their February cover girl, it was a dream come true for the singer. But when Cheryl’s editorial and cover shoot did not go as planned, those dreams – and her mood – soon turned sour.

Allegedly, immediate and palpable tension on-set caused a riff between Cheryl and fabled fashion stylist Bay Garnett. Not only did their wardrobe sensibilities clash, the singer’s and stylist’s work etiquette proved incompatible.

Witnesses claim Garnett had her baby in tow and spent most of her time playing mum, while her assistants primped and prodded Cheryl, who was irked by her lack of control over the situation. She felt snubbed.

“Cheryl felt like she was being dissed. Eventually, at around 3pm, she decided she’d had enough and left the shoot,” a source told the Daily Mail.

Whatever the case, apparently the ends justified the means: while still formally under wraps, we hear the cover features a naturalistic Cheryl dressed in gold – Prada’s foil dress, we wonder?

And despite the rumored bad blood between her and Garnett, she is honored to be a Voguette.

“I’ll be proudly framing my Vogue cover for my kids,” she boasts.

We cannot wait to see it. In the mean time, fans can buy their own I <3 Cheryl tees from Dorothy Perkins now!

On that note, we can’t help but wonder:

As popular as she may be, is Cheryl Cole really synonymous with high fashion?