Wake up in Kate Moss’ bed, going going soon-to-be gone!

Proving that Kate Moss has a magical (or positive financial) touch, a auctioneer in Gloucestershire, England is hoping that a bed Kate Moss reportedly slept in over 4 years ago will reap some financial rewards.

New wire, Press Association, are reporting that up for auction this Friday is a “bedstead, handmade by Yells of Fairford, occupied the master bedroom of a Cotswold cottage in Southrop, Gloucestershire, which Miss Moss rented between 2001 and 2004.”

The owners of the property have put the bed up for auction with auctioneers, Moore Allen & Innocent, who have placed an estimate price tag of £200 to £300 on the bed.

“Any hot-blooded male whose seasonal fantasy involves no more than waking up in Kate Moss’ bed on Christmas morn – or any morn, for that matter – can now have that fantasy fulfilled from as little as £200,” a spokesperson said.

I just hope the bed doesn’t include the original mattress – even though the bed would have been used before Kate’s Pete Doherty days.