Prada Overdrive: phones, jewelry, cheaper handbags, their Holiday 2008 Gift Guide, and… a car?

With Miuccia’s pervasive gold foil dresses reliably hitting editorials just in time for the holidays, a spate of new developments in Prada’s ongoing brand diversification adventure accompany their arrival. Economic consciousness in mind, Prada presents adventurous options for every budget.

What are you willing to spend on Prada’s etxraneous treasures?

The Prada Holiday Gift Guide

As an incentive for wallet-conscious luxury consumers, Prada were courteous enough to include price all trinkets in this installment of their annual gift guide under $500. The teddy bear charms, for example, serve as excellent bait your favorite label-conscious 11 year old: they are a moderately inexpensive $120. More enticing is the sleek leather bracelet, priced at $150.

Prada Costume Jewelry

For more seasoned sophisticates, Prada now offers tasteful costume jewelry options. Priced from $200 to $800, these baubles are classy but won’t break the bank. Check out NYLON‘s slideshow for a sneak preview. Our personal favorite: the heavy obsidian & gold chain, which exudes a savage, ominously beguiling appeal.

The Prada LG Phone (Redux)

LG is finally launching the Prada II, a touchscreen smartphone that gives the new iPhone a serious run for its money. Read all about its specifics here. For the princely sum of $700, you’ll not only get the phone, but the Prada Link, a pleasingly streamlined, Bluetooth-enabled wristwatch. See that? Utility and elegance all in one enticing package. The Prada II is available for preorder now.

The Prada “Special Stones” Accessories collection

You didn’t think Miuccia would remain content to let those lowly nylon totes represent the only gateway to the Prada handbag legacy, did you? Of course not. She upgrades her introductory price point by releasing the new “Special Stones” accessories line, an assortment of hobos, totes, clutches, and even bejeweled flats in the bold harlequin hues of recent seasons. All will retail for under $1k. We aren’t sure what to make of the “rhinestones” studded all over every surface, but Bedazzler memories aside, we appreciate the gesture. Below is a preview of the collection.

The Prada Genesis

Yes, Prada’s ever-expanding empire will now include fashion-forward automobiles. In April 2009, South Korean manufacturer Hyundai will showcase one of the three “Prada Genesis” sedans at the Seoul Motor Show. The other two cars will be auctioned for charity at the Prada Transformer, which is an impressive architectural oddity recently built megaplex built specifically for this sort of company event. What will Prada’s special edition of the Genesis cost you? Probably significantly more than the typical model’s $35,000+ price tag.

The Prada Special Stones Accessories Collection
What do you think of these designs? Flash or trash?