Much love to’s Slave to Fashion blog

We just want to say a big thank you and shout out to the wonderful ladies at’s Slave to Fashion blog for asking us to take part in their Blogging Babes Q&A with some of their favourite fashion bloggers.

I love the blog and was floored to be asked by the lovely Tracy to be one of their chosen “babes”!

Of course, now I must share with you all!

Here’s just a small tidbit…

Clear a little space in your mid-morning, time-sucking, fashion-blog scanning schedule ladies, because you’re about to fall for a fashion blog I’ve long relied on for great bits of news in a funny and very down-to-earth voice. Reading Helen Lee of is like having a high energy chat with your (very well informed and connected) BFF. Find out more about her, after the jump.

STF: Who would you most love to see have a blog that doesn’t yet? Whose would you read every day?

HL: Miuccia Prada would have some amazing stories to tell, so it would be great if she had a blog. But instead of being strictly about fashion, I would love to hear stories involving Casrsten Holler-designed slide she has from her office to the car park or her thoughts on women’s rights and politics since she use to be a member of the Communist party and a women’s rights activist in the 70s (before she joined Prada). Can someone write a bio about her already?!

Read the rest of the interview here.


  • bryanboy says:

    and thank you for giving me a plug 😉

    big hugs from me to you!


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