Lily Allen sharpens her style for Nylon, currently channels Daisy Lowe?

British songstress Lily Allen‘s charming qualities reside primarily within her breezy, whip-smart pop tunes, but now she is elevating her image to match her music’s high standards. For Nylon‘s new December 2008/January 2009 issue, cover star Lily sheds the frumpy retro frocks and unveils her sparkling new brand of chic.

With her newly trim figure, a sleek, razor-cut bob a la Rihanna, and tasteful makeup, Lily’s Nylon makeover has set music and fashion onlookers abuzz. We took a sneak peek at other images from the same shoot and we have to tip our hats to the stylists: Lily really cleans up rather nicely. Inside the upcoming issue, she discusses her upcoming album It’s Not Me, It’s You, (out in February), which — judging from early leaks — seems destined to not only beat the dreaded sophomore slump, but may even qualify as an early contender for the new year’s best pop album.

But Lily’s transformation doesn’t stop there. If her Nylon image overhaul was “new & improved”, then her most recent incarnation boasts an even more dramatic upgrade in the style department. Now sporting jet black, pin-straight extensions (complete with fringe), Lily is dressing to impress the swinging London set.

On that note, we thought her latest look was not only familiar, but oddly specific. Then realization hit: she is channeling Daisy Lowe! But is it on purpose? See for yourself and decide.

Below are side by side comparisons of Lily (left) to Daisy Lowe (right). We think the resemblance is uncanny.

Whatever the case, she is looking fit and fierce. “Brave New Girl”, indeed. Check out a teaser of Lily’s Nylon feature here. .

Which of Lily’s many faces do you think suits her best?


  • annonymous says:

    There is no resemblance between Lily Allen and Daisy Lowe in any way. Lily Allen looks much like she did in 2007, (her extensions were used in a video shoot) the new short hairstyle rocks,(a cut she had when she was 15 yrs old,except lighter)Lily Allen has softer features, while Daisy Lowe seems to resemble a transvestite

  • MY Fashion Frenzy says:

    I can the resemblance…

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