Ex-Bond babe Eva Green bewitches us in Montblanc’s latest ad campaign

The holiday season traditionally entails prosperity and good tidings for German luxury gift stalwarts Montblanc. After all, nothing doubles as a classy corporate gift and objet d’art more effortlessly than one of the company’s iconic state-of-the-art fountain pens.

No stocking-stuffer-sized status symbol rivals the timeless elegance of a Montblanc diamond-encrusted watch. Simply put, Montblanc is a world-class institution, and as such, only truly special candidates are considered by the company for celebrity endorsement.

Capitalizing on the success of Julianne Moore’s and Johnny Depp’s past campaigns, in 2007, Montblanc again displayed their impeccably refined tastes by casting the exquisite French actress Eva Green for their ad campaigns. The latest set of ads, now in the pages of your favorite lifestyle publication, exceed all expectations. Thanks to masterful art direction and Eva’s knockout looks, these most recent ads are so stunning that they conjure a magic usually only observed in high-fashion editorials.

Eva — blessed with the type of rare, bewitching beauty that inspires men to write sonnets, — already boasted impressive modeling credentials before Montblanc recruited her: earlier in 2007, she modeled for Dior. After her turn as Daniel Craig‘s breakout Bond Girl (remember Casino Royale?), the actress was commissioned by John Galliano to be his official spoke model for Dior’s Midnight Poison fragrance. At the time, we couldn’t imagine a more fitting ambassador for that hypnotic perfume than the darkly enchanting Eva. It comes as no surprise to us, then, that only months later, Montblanc would cash in on her inimitable appeal.

In Montblanc’s latest ads, Eva emblemizes the very definition of soignée.

“Seduction is all about discretion and subtlety,” she purrs, while peaking out from under a lacy Venetian mask. Men and women alike will appreciate her aspirational allure, all the merrier a marketing victory for Montblanc.

Oh, Eva. Thanks to Montblanc’s stroke of casting brilliance, your ability to make us swoon is once again unrivaled.

Marvel at Eva’s campaign below (click images to take a closer look):

[Scans via EvaGreenWeb].

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