Comme des Garçons for H&M is here! The 5 key items worth waiting (and fighting?) for

On the wee hours of November 13th, fashionistas all over the world will be lining up outside of their local H&Ms, prepared for battle. What is at stake? The rare chance to own a garment designed by Rei Kawakubo at a fraction of Comme des Garcons’ typical price point. In the decade long history of high street/high fashion collaborations, the unlikely pairing of a Swedish fast fashion retailer and Japanese avant-garde design looks like it may be the first partnership to fully deliver on the promise of its unbelievable hype.

In Manhattan alone, hysteria has reached a fever pitch. Rumors suggest that the most ambitious shoppers will start lining up before midnight!

If the last weekend’s Tokyo launch is any indication, you WILL have to fight for your right to wear Comme des Garcons for H&M. The Harajuku district’s H&M store drew lines TWO DAYS before its launch, and experienced an immediate sellout. Keep in mind, each customer is only entitled to buy two garments only! So, browse the collection, check location availability, plan ahead, arrive early, and shop wisely!

We’ve pointed out what we consider the collection’s five linchpin items, all of which will be hot commodities available in limited quantities at select locations.

What item is number one on YOUR list?

Our Top 5 picks of the H&M for Comme des Garçons collection.

1. Ruffled Coat Dress $349
The collection crownpiece everyone has gushed over for months already. With the $349 price tag, it is the item that carries the heftiest price tag, but is also certainly the most distinctive garment here — as well as the most frustratingly hard-to-track down piece in the collection.

2. Deconstructed Blazer in Navy $129
Those seeking CDG’s signature delicate dishabille aesthetic will love this carefully tattered blazer. A future closet staple.

3. Asymmetrical Zipper Jacket $99.90
This nifty, extremely versatile asymmetrical zipper jacket rivals a nearly identical one from Opening Ceremony, meaning that Manhattan shoppers.

4. Frill Shirt $59.90
Tiered, ruffled sleeves make for unexpected layering possibilities. A snappy basic with a twist.

5. Polka Dot Scarf $59.90
Polka dots are a charming trademark prevalent in many CDG collections. For H&M, Rei patterned everything from button-down shirts and cardigans to sneakers with the print, but are our favorite polka-dotted accessory is the simple oversized scarf! It’s also not likely to be the first item the mobs taregt. You may be able to snag one while everyone else battles it out for the trenches and coat dress!