Tis the season to go bike riding, Gossip Girl style

Personally, I think Blair Waldorf (played by Leighton Meister) has adorable taste, so when she was riding about the Hamptons in the first few episodes of Gossip Girl this season, I wanted a retro style bike too. Even though I had not ridden a bike in at least 10 years.

The first thought was to forget about the Chanel bike, even with its quilted detail and fabulous double-C logos it does set you back over $10,000 – who could you beg, borrow or plead with to buy it for you as a Christmas present? Not many people. Anyway it’s not even the bike that Blair rode in Gossip Girl – she rode around in a Cynthia Rowley Beach Cruiser bicycle with a little straw basket attached to the front.

A limited edition bike, the Beach Cruiser is customized with a CR-designed floral print in light blue and yellow on the frame and was also seen on the runway in an array of pastel colours. To purchase, you’ll have to pop on to the Cynthia Rowley website and pre-order now ahead of its January 2009 release.

If the Cynthia Rowley bicycle is a little out of your budget, GAP has a Holiday Cruiser for adults and children designed exclusively by Electra Bicycle Company with GAP’s signature argyle pattern on the aluminum frame. This bike will set you back $499 with the children’s holiday cruiser $299.

So what are you asking for this Christmas?


  • Kate says:

    Oh god people, go and buy a proper bike with gears that you will actually be able to ride up a hill. These bikes may look quaint, but are completely impractical. Imagine riding in Sydney traffic on one of those! These bikes should be confined to very very quiet and flat back streets. And that isn’t any fun!

  • Callie says:

    I agree, you need a decent bike that gives you control, especially when riding in populated areas. I do have to say I’d love to get one of those classic bike baskets for my Trek, tho’. It’s such a mix of opposites, classic romantic picnic-style bike accessory and pure techie modern gears for ridin’.

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