Alexander McQueen for Target – are you excited?

There once was a rumor in August 2008, which paired a young man named Alexander McQueen with a retailer named Target. We rolled our eyes, briefly wondered ‘what if’, before pushing the thought to the back of our minds.

Like any daydream, we didn’t expect that one day we would be able to grab as many pieces of Alexander McQueen off the racks and not consider taking out a $150,000 loan from the banks. But that day will come on March 1st, 2009.

In a new project entitled Designer Collaborations (and not part of their Go International collections), McQueen will design a collection called McQ Alexander McQueen for Target.

An extended version of his McQ line, the collection will be inspired by Leila Moss, the lead singer of The Duke Spirit. WWD reports that the collection will:

… have rock ‘n’ roll influences and edgy details such as studs and tattoo-print fabrics. Designer Initiative is a separate program from Target’s Go International, which focuses on young or emerging designers. Target said additional Designer Collaborations will be announced in the future. Each collection will be available in stores for a limited time.

“We believe Designer Collaborations will appeal to our fashion-forward guests as well as possibly attract new customers who are fans of Alexander McQueen and McQ,” said Trisha Adams, senior vice president of Target.


P.S. This has got to be the best Alexander McQueen collaboration, even cooler than his collections for MAC, Puma and Samsonite’s Black Label.


  • Kate Bello says:

    Stoked that Steve McQueen is coming to Target. Every time I go in that store I end up spending way more money than I intend to because their stuff is so damn cute! I can’t stop myself, and of course they put the womens clothing section right in front of the store so I have to pass through it to get anywhere else. Damn Target… 🙂

  • Deena says:

    I am so excited that McQueen is designing for Target. I’m in the UK so won’t have access to the range but I can’t wait to see what it looks like.

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