Tried and tested: Shu Uemura fake eyelashes

Fluttery eye lashes have always been a key tool in flirting and while I’ve tried dozens of mascaras since I started wearing makeup all those years ago, eye lash extensions and false eyelashes has never really been considered.

That was until I heard news that Shu Uemura was opening Lash Bars in Melbourne and Sydney – just in time for my fake-lash-loving friend’s birthday celebrations. I didn’t need a better excuse to check it out, after all she would have a fabulous present and we’d both look great for her birthday celebrations later that evening.

So Susan and I made our way to the Shu Uemura Tokyo Lash Bar in David Jones’ Melbourne store and gawked at the array of lashes to choose from. In the glossy lights of the cosmetics floor, the boxes of lashes glimmered like exotic birds with spotted feathers, fluffy feathers and soft coloured lashes as just a few of our choices – how would we ever choose?  There were the usual black options but when you have these prettier more exaggerated options as choices, why wouldn’t you go for something exotic?

Sadly our lovely Shu Uemura assistant said that the pretty Premium Black Gown lashes (the big lace ones seen in promotional photos everywhere) were all sold out a mere day after the bar opened so we eventually settled on the Black Velvet Feather false eyelashes for Susan and the Radiant Blue false eyelashes for me.

As they were expertly applied, free with purchase of course, fellow Saturday afternoon shoppers stopped to watch the process – it was like we were mannequins on display in the middle of David Jones’ cosmetics floor. Then as we were waiting to pay for our newly attached lashes, more cosmetic counter girls were turning and gawking at Susan’s fluffy feathery lashes. You couldn’t miss them, they were thick, long and looked like little feathery Japanese fans framing her big blue eyes – check them out below.

We made our way back to the car and people just couldn’t stop staring (at her, not me, after all mine were a little more subtle because I’m just too chicken to be OTT). Good thing the girl knows how to work it. And she did.

With 37 different hand crafted lashes available in Australia (with more in overseas markets – like the Viktor & Rolf-designed lashes) this is the perfect excuse to get dolled up before a big night out!

— I’m sure I gave Susan her best birthday present (this year) – and she can reuse them for more nights out on the town.

Have you tried Shu Uemura’s fake eyelashes? If so, which ones?


  • Vie says:

    I think you both looked fantastic! I’ve always wanted to try some.. Are they comfortable though?

  • Helen Lee says:

    Thanks Vie! False eyelashes are quite comfortable. It might take a little while to you get use to the extra weight (even though ours were very light) because they do weigh more than our natural lashes. It was so much fun to have longer lashes – will definitely try it again.

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