School girl chic, Gossip Girl style: The strapped skirt

Has anyone else noticed that on Gossip Girl, their school uniform is varies from girl to girl and episode to episode? I wish I went to a school which was that lenient about what white shirt and skirt combo we could wear.

And thanks to Gossip Girl, I almost want to relive my high school days when the blue tartan skirt was the only thing I could wear five days of the week. Almost. Five days a week of the same skirt could be a bit much, but I have been eying off the skirt Jenny (Taylor Momsen) is often seen I – you know, the skirt with the strap detail. Even Serena (Blake Lively) has been seen something similar in promotional images.

After some googling and clicking, the web has come up with two tres chic options for a sexy and sophisticated look or a perfect school girl look.

Option 1 (above right) is the Manoush wool pleated skirt which has sexy lace straps. It retails £215 and if you act fast, you can make the most of Net-A-Porter’s free shipping coupon “FREESHIP2” before it ends on October 20, 2008.

Option 2 (above middle) is the v-neck pleated jumper from – this is only a good option if you can fit into school girl sized clothes. If you can, this sweet number is only $14.98.

Option 3 (not pictured) for those who are handy with the needle and thread is to hunt down a long-ish tartan skirt from a thrift shop and hem it to a nice above-the-knee length, use the material you snipped off to make straps.


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