Recession Proof Beauty: Homemade Face Masks We Love

If you’re thrifty or creative (we like to see ourselves as both), you probably love home beauty treatments. They are fun, organic, and extremely affordable.

Throughout the season, we’re going to share with you some of our favorite tried & true home beauty tricks. Here we focus on face masks you can make in your own kitchen. All-natural, relaxing, foolproof: who says you need to head to a spa to treat yourself to a facial?

These masks below do wonders for the skin and. Feel free to experiment: mix recipes and add your own ingredients. Have fun and tell us how they turn out!

What homemade beauty secrets do you have?

homemade-facemasksGeneral Mask Procedure

  1. Tie hair back.
  2. Wash face.
  3. To open pores, steam face over hot water or press warm cloth to skin for a few minutes.
  4. After preparing mask, apply it to face (and neck if desired). Avoid eye area.
  5. Leave mask on for 15 minutes, give or take a few (depending on comfort and convenience).
  6. Rinse off with warm water.
  7. Enjoy results!

Simple Oatmeal Mask

For: All Skin Types (for dry skin, use whole milk or cream)
Result: Smooth, lightly hydrated and toned skin.

3 Tbsp. regular, uncooked oatmeal (ground to fine flour)
2 Tbsp. milk or cream

Oatmeal Honey Mask

For: All Skin Types
Result: Soft skin. Have blackheads? This help clears them.

3 Tbsp. regular, uncooked oatmeal
2 Tbsp. honey

(*We made this mask today, and for the sake of variety, added half an apple to the mix. It serves as a gentle astringent!*)

Honey Soufflé Mask

For: Combination Skin
Result: Fresh complexion and tightened pores.

1 egg white
1 tsp honey

In small bowl, beat egg white until frothy. Fold in the honey.
Apply as usual.

Banana Honey Mask

For: Dry to Normal Skin types.
Result: Naturally hydrated, rejuvenated skin.

½ ripe banana
1 Tsbp. honey

Mash ingredients together. Apply as always.

Yogurt Mask

For: Dry and Sensitive Skin
Result: Instantly brightened, moistened complexion. Also reduces puffy eyes.

¼ cup yogurt
¼ cucumber (peeled)

Blend together in food processor until near liquid.
Swipe onto face with cotton ball.

Strawberry Mask

For: Normal To Oily Skin
Result: Balanced, refreshed skin.

4 – 6 strawberries (fresh berries preferred; use frozen if necessary)

Mash strawberries in bowl. Apply.

Exotic Fruit Masks

For: Normal To Oily Skin
Result: Gently exfoliated, tingly-clean skin.

Fruit Options: Papaya, pineapple, lemon, tomatoes, melon.

Cut up fruit into small slices and simply rub onto skin.
Expect gentle tingling – this means the fruit enzymes are working!


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  • kitty says:

    Oooh these sound good.
    As long as I can stop myself from eating the mixture…
    I normally use Guinot face masks but thanks to interest rate rises have not restocked since running out…
    So I have dry skin right now 🙁

  • taz says:

    coolio! i did the banana and honey mask just now and my skin feels pretty rejuvinated! thanks ^.^

  • Colleen Nika says:

    Glad you liked it! ^_^
    I did the oatmeal honey mask today, coincidentally. Feels great.

  • Pinkie Landreth says:

    My face is really oily and I have some of these ingredients in my fridge! I am really excited to try these!!

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  • BethZ says:

    Honey souffle mask was amazing–early results.. A must for combination skin problems..

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