Dress up as Sarah Palin this Halloween

Halloween is drawing closer and closer each day – do you know what you’re going to dress up as?

The costume of choice this year seems to be Republican vice president candidate, Sarah Palin. Whether you love or hate the Alaskan, you’ve got to admit she has a certain look about it and while the likes of Lindsay Lohan calls her a “narrow- minded, media-obsessed homophobe” on her MySpace blog, she is reportedly dressing up as her this Halloween. And let’s not forget about Tina Fey’s fantastic impressions of her on Saturday Night Live.

So how do you get started? All it takes is a great beehive wig which comes complete with a fringe, glasses, a power suit, a swipe of mascara on the upper and lower lashes, a few brushes of bronzer to enhance the cheek bones and a slick of mauve-coloured matte lipstick.

Here’s what we’ve found for under $85 (because the fabulous NARS lipstick is optional).

Just add a plain white t-shirt under the suit since it shouldn’t be unbuttoned and wear with a pair of low heeled pumps. For full effect, add an American flag or Republican pin on the lapel of the jacket. Watch that your top isn’t too plunging because you wouldn’t want to have people reference “nailin’ Paylin” (the porn star/movie) all night. By that name token, perhaps a skirt suit may not be a good idea 😉

If you’re too lazy to put together the hair and glasses, then just try this Sarah Palin paper mask on for size. It’s a bargain for only 99 cents!

Have a happy Halloweeen – and if you dress up as Sarah Palin this Halloweeen, comment and show us your pictures!


  • Cindy says:

    Ouch….help! I look like her everyday!!!!!

  • sahar says:

    This is hilarious. I buy a lot of stuff at Overstock.com (designer items discounted and bedding) but would not have thought to seek them out for Sarah Palin wear! Excellent rec. And, Nars and Bobbi Brown have a lot of nude lip colors – your rec for her colorless beige lips is spot-on too. I notice that Ms. Palin often sports that bronze cheek streak, which can be a little much for a presidential debate and ensuing motorcade.

  • Mary says:

    It’s quite hypocrtical that Lindsay is going to dress up as Sarah Palin when she’s trashed her. Typical. That is a stunning lipstick colour though.

  • barbie says:

    I have a few addendums to make (nota bene: I’ve been planning on dressing up as this woman since august):

    1) Red patent leather heels.
    2) DEEEFINTELY needs to be a skirtsuit. I think I have maybe seen Palin wearing pants once. Unfortunately, her ‘awesome’ leg couldn’t do the talking in the Katie Couric interview…but they were clearly on display. (gag)
    3) Rimless glasses are a necessity
    4) A bumber sticker: DRILL, BABY, DRILL! (who said this couldn’t be slutoween still?)

  • judy says:

    a rifle and a star spangled bikini top under the suit would be hilarious! and add a neiman marcus price tag for $150,0000!

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