Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon To Launch Clothing Line for “Cool Moms”

In a welcome move that confirms that even venerable figureheads of the indie music regime can make the inevitable crossover into fashion, Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon has announced she will launch Mirror/Dash, a new clothing line for “cool moms”. In collaboration with friends Melinda Wansbrough and Jeffrey Monteiro (via, the brand new line – in keeping with the spirit of exclusivity, of course – will make a suitably minor splash, as production and distribution will be strictly limited. Our first look at what style niche Gordon serves entails exciting things. Naturally, Mirror/Dash will target smart, strongminded women who aspire to capture the effortless, off-beam chic Kim Gordon herself represents.

The clothing line’s premiere item, is “a military-style wool jacket inspired by Françoise Hardy”. As only 50(!) are available, it is sure to sell out immediately. In addition to being stocked at indie designer haven Opening Ceremony and L.A.’s Satine, the company is also currently accepting orders for the coat through the Mirror/Dash website, where you can observe the The Hardy Jacket in all its glory. If you like what you see, we suggest you indulge your impulsive streak and claim yours while you can! Think of the bragging rights the purchase will afford you at any and all future Sonic Youth shows.

“Some people make limited-edition records,” Kim Gordon told the New York Times. “We’re making a limited-edition jacket.” More designs for Mirror/Dash – interestingly named after a Sonic Youth side project – are set to be released throughout the year.

Priced at a moderate $415, The Hardy Coat makes a strong case as both the craveworthy cult statement coat du jour and a classic piece that will serve you well for countless winters to come. In Fall 2008, an item that meets both those criteria justifies its purchase many times over. Gordon has made an unimpeachable future closet staple, and for that we applaud her!. Check it out for yourself!

What do you think of Kim Gordon’s first foray into fashion? Is she really targeting cool moms or their twenty-something daughters? We prefer to abandon labels entirely in this case. Nebulous intentions aside, we love what she is doing!

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