Rumor: Kate Winslet to play Vivienne Westwood in biopic

Vivienne Westwood is one impressive Dame, at 67 she has a very successful fashion house, just released a music album, and now could see her life on the big screen with another talented British woman acting out her life in an upcoming biopic.

If rumors are true, Kate Winslet is in line to play Westwood from the 1970s to the present day – some of Westwood’s most influential years in fashion.

This juicy bit of gossip reportedly came from the mouth of Carlo D’Amario, Westwood’s Managing Director, at her Gold Label fashion show last night in Paris with Universal Pictures set to produce the film.

Now, can you just imagine Winslet as Westwood telling us in the 1980s to “Take your mother’s old brassiere and wear it undisguised over your school jumper and have a muddy face” then later flash the people at Buckingham Palace?


Though it was only a year ago when Kristen Dunst was rumored to play Westwood, so will this biopic ever happen?


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