M.I.A.’s Fashion Week Surprise: Okley Run Clothing Line Secretly Launched

Remember when we told you about M.I.A.’s plans to release a wacky clothing line? Well, it seems the guerilla pop savant has decided that New York Fashion Week (where she was noticeably absent, we must add, unlike last year) would mark an auspicious time to officially launch it: the Okley Run collection by M.I.A has indeed arrived. Her “line” is up and running and is guaranteed to be a hit with jaded American Apparel addicts with a lot of extra money to burn on garish, glorified gymwear. Don’t worry, we stand among the accused.

If you head on over to her seizure-inducing site right now, you too can own your own “Mexico Jacket” for $210.00 or “Islamic Hoodie” for $180. Budget shoppers may have to settle for a “President Tee” which features the KALA emblem screenprinted onto either a white, purple, or blue cotton shirt – the choice is yours for $75!

We couldn’t help but notice that if you head to her general tour merchandise link that some of the same apparel is available at a fraction of the cost(!). We hope that M.I.A. isn’t making fun of us when she asks us to pay $30 for the “How Many” Tee on one page and $75 on the other. But knowing M.I.A. (and her fans), this is one of those postmodern gestures where one party willingly plays fool to keep the irony alive. And guess who loses out? Hint: It’s not M.I.A.

All in all, while M.I.A.’s trackwear would certainly raise eyebrows at the gym on an early Saturday morning workout, we aren’t totally sure we can think of another setting where we’d actually wear it (aside from her concert) and we remain dubious on the matter of whether the designs really justify the cost. Would you wear this?

P.S. Is that Spencer Pratt rocking Okley Run or are we the only ones who see the resemblence?

Images tastefully chosen from MIAUK.com


  • theebamse says:

    the shirts which are $75 have screenprinting on the sleeves as well. it might be different fabric too, etc. the “how many” tee may be off cafepress. im kind of surprised at people being surprised at the prices: thats really how much one of those jackets costs to make. she’s not just charging because she thinks she can or something. people are so used to walmart they think these prices are high. what about bernhard willhelm and his 800$ and $500 hoodies?

  • laura says:

    i’ve been looking for designers that use prints like these for a long time, topshop have just started to introduce some, i’d defintely wear the mexico and africa pieces

  • Allison says:

    That’s not Spencer Pratt 🙂
    His name is Okley Leslie. He’s an albino Caribbean teenager who inspired MIA to make the line.

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