Diane von Furstenberg design tote for Obama 08

Politics and fashion never really existed in the same circles until the last few years when fashion designers threw their support behind their preferred presidential candidates (case in point, Marc Jacobs for Hilary Clinton).

Now Diane von Furstenberg has shown her political allegiances towards the Democratic presidential candidate, Barack Obama by designing the Obama 08 Love Tote bag. According to the Washington Post’s Robin Given, von Furstenberg was an adamant Hillary Clinton supporter until the senator lost her bid to be the democratic candidate, then she read Obama’s autobiography, “Dreams From My Father.”

The cute $75 von Furstenberg-designed tote features the words Obama 08 and change in handwriting font with von Furstenberg’s signature at the bottom.

And von Furstenberg is not the only design who is designing things from t-shirts, tote bags and various official merchandise to support Obama’s bid for the presidency; Derek Lam, Isaac Mizrahi (who has also designed a tote), Russell Simmons and Tracy Reese’s designs are set to be hitting the Barack Obama online store in the next few weeks.

If this up coming election has sparked your interest, don’t forget to have your say (if you’re an American citizen). Will you be show your political allegiances by buying these fashionable political merchandise?

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