Adventures in Cool Britannia: Ben Sherman, Wallace & Gromit Promote UK Style

With Team GB‘s recent unqualified medal victories at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, it’s a fine time to be a Brit. As there is no ceiling on the potential profitibility of the 2012 London Olympics and its attendant lure to tourists, savvy advertising execs are striking while the iron is hot. They have enlisted some of the UK’s most iconic visual forces to advance the cause of mass British culture at home and abroad.

The Ben Sherman brand has been synonymous with cool rock and roll British style for as long as we can remember (aka a fashion eternity). Since Cool Britannia remains an enticing marketing tool for UK business, it is no surprise that Ben Sherman has inked a deal with VisitBritain to promote the company’s archetypically British lifestyle and punchy attitude to its loyal band of jetsetting followers.

The Great British Getaway campaign will run from October 6 for six weeks. It offers all Ben Sherman customers a chance to win a “rock’n’roll” break in London, including dinner at Claridges and a spending spree on the mod mecca Carnaby Street. The campaign will be promoted globally, including at points-of-sale locales as distant as Singapore, South Africa,  and South Korea.  VisitBritain hosted an event at the Beijing Olympics to promote foreign investment in British business.

“High recognition of the brand, its desired reputation among British musicians and singers, and its use of the Union Jack make Ben Sherman a perfect partner,” says a rep for Ben Sherman.

We’re actually surprised that no one has thought to do this before! It’s kind of a no-brainer, yes?
But wait… recent developments in the collision of British style, culture, and global marketing don’t stop here!

On a related note, iconic claymation heroes Wallace & Gromit have landed the coveted position of Harvey Nichols’ spokesmodels. That’s right – the witty inventor and his canine sidekick are the unlikely stars of the new poster and magazine ad campaign promoting the luxury department store’s debut of the Bristol store. Their friend Lady Campanula Tottington also makes a cameo.

Wallace, Gromit, and Lady Tottington don splendrous threads from quintessential British labels such as Alexander McQueen and Paul Smith, as well as international luxury stalwarts Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, and Christian Louboutin. Oh, and Ray-Ban.

Arthur Sheriff, spokesman for the Wallace & Gromit empire, said: “We were approached by Harvey Nichols because they wanted a worldwide icon from the Bristol area. We were immensely flattered. We think Wallace, Gromit and Lady Tottington look fantastic.”

We have to agree!