The Top 50 of The NYC Fashion Hierarchy

In the days leading up to the kick off of Mercedes-Benz Spring 2009 Fashion Week, nearly every media outlet overloads on analyzing, lampooning, and ranking Gotham-centric fashion politics. Yesterday, The New York Daily News unveiled its list of NYC fashion’s  “Fifty Most Powerful” players. Along with the obligatory Wintours came the unexpected dark horses (the ‘wichcraft guy?).

Key mentions:
– We just gave it away, but you probably already  knew: of course Anna Wintour is #1. No one else wields the almighty axe of style arbitration like she can.
– Mayor Mike Bloomberg is #5! Don’t be surprised: who do you think aids in the financial masterminding of the NYC Fashion Weeks? As the News puts it: “…he understands the cash it generates. Mike’s a power player for having sweet-talked the city into letting the tents stay in Bryant Park for the foreseeable future.” We can’t even imagine the horror of celebrating the turn of the style seasons in Hell’s Kitchen.
– The indefatigable Diane Von Furstenberg is #8. As a style maven, a designer responsible for at least two of the most iconic visual legacies in womenswear (that would be wrap dresses and geo-jungle prints), and the long-reigning queen of the CFDA, there’s no doubt she’s earned deity status among the New York fashion elite.
Kelly Cutrone – PR godmother of People’s Revolution & the single most compelling reason to actually watch The Hills – comes in at #12.
Seemingly random but relevant: Mary Guiliani, caterer to style stars (#16); Michael Oliver, Bryant Park ‘Wichcraft Manager (#30), Ty Yorio and Michael and Tom Carney, Bryant Park chief security team (#40).
Kindred spirits: Scott Schuman, aka “The Sartorialist” (#29),  Leslie Price, senior editor of

Oh, and Marc, Carolina, Ralph, Oscar, Iman, Coco, the entire Project Runway judge panel, and Liya Kebede also made the cut. See the full list here.

How would your ranking of the New York City fashion powers that be compare with this list?


  • Zsa Zsa Giggleman says:

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  • Zsa Zsa Giggleman says:

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