Tatu the faces of Marc Jacobs fall winter 2008/09?

Photos: Screen captures from the YouTube video

Could this crazy rumour be true? Could the Russian girl band Tatu (who once pretended to be lesbians) really be the faces of Marc by Marc Jacobs’ fall winter 2008/09 advertising campaign?

Tatu band members, Volkova and Lena Katina, were photographed in a Marc Jacobs boutique this week modeling pieces from his fall/winter collection with a video from the shoot leaking on to the internet. Now the word on the web is that they’re the new faces of the brand!

But here’s a few of our thoughts as to why this may not be true:

  • If you watch the video below, why is the campaign being photographed in a Marc Jacobs boutique?
  • It doesn’t look like Juergen Teller, the usual MJ photog, is snapping the pictures
  • Isn’t cross-dressing-male-model, Cole Mohr the face of the Marc by Marc Jacobs fall collection?
  • Would Marc really go from a former Spice Girl to a cross dressing male model, to a faux lesbian girl group? Ok well when you put it like that…

What do you think, is the news true or false?

The suspected Marc by Marc Jacobs fall 2008/09 advertising campaign shoot featuring Tatu.


  • Colleen Nika says:

    Insanity! But color me intrigued.

  • Lizzie says:

    Say it isn’t so!! Posh was just naff as the face of MJ, but Tatu would make it nasty/trashy.

  • Chen says:

    Realistically these girls are as manufactured by marketing as every single model any designer has ever had. Feel free to disagree 🙂 but I love t.a.t.u’s sound and image, lesbian or not.

  • Jeri says:

    To answer your question, I believe t.A.T.u. may only be the face of the Autumn/Winter collection in Russia only. But no promises there, who knows what Marc will do?!

  • Rhgmnj says:

    i agree with Chen, i heart t.A.T.u. they have an ah-mazing sound && image, when i thought [which was when i first started to listen to them] that they were lesbians i still loved them than when i found out i was a little dissapointed because they made a cute couple xD

  • miket says:

    i think its great.
    either way its a lot of publicity for both marc jacobs (not like he needs it lol) and t.A.T.u.
    besides, theyre gorgeouss

  • Emma says:

    It’s true and it’s amazing! The girls are great, they have a fantastic style. They are perfect for Marc, ‘cuz they look so stylish in that clothes. The t.A.T.u. came back with a new great CD and a Marc Jacob campaign! Splendid!

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