Pivovarovists, Rejoice! Sasha Has Returned With A Vengeance.

Sasha Pivovarova is back and better than ever. Thank God for that.

We’ve often speculated on what ad campaigns Sasha Pivovarova would score following her departure as Prada‘s token muse and poster child. As expected, she is finding no problem racking up new offers left and right. Even more exciting for us, though, is her hotly anticipated runway rebirth for the Spring 2009 show season. With numerous fashion and beauty campaigns, the promise of a warmly greeted return to the catwalk circuit, and her usual fantastic editorial displays under her belt, Sasha proves she is still one of the giants of the modeling world.

We already reported that Sasha recently renewed her contract with Armani Beauty and Tiffany & Co. Since then, she’s also turned up in the latest Pringle of Scotland ads, and in what may come as a mild yet (hopefully) pleasant shock to other Pivovarovists, she has emerged as Zara‘s new “it” girl!  View the promo campaign images after the jump (courtesy of Zara.com):

But we all know that Sasha’s modeling legacy has been built upon her grippingly dynamic editorial prowess. That mythical place where clothes, art, and storytelling collide is her milieu: an artist in her right, it is within the editorial medium that Sasha radiates her gonzo expressionism best. Her impressive collaborations with expert photographers and art directors have built a magnificent portfolio that justifies utterance of that almighty buzzword “iconic”.

So on that front, we’re happy to report that she’s landed the coveted starring role in The New York Times Magazine annual “T Style” issue. She’s also magisterial in McQueen in the latest issue of American Vogue, and romps with Dhani Harrison in Fashion Rocks. To subtly remind NYC’s elite of her return to form, Sasha is also heavily featured in Bergdorf Goodman’s Fall 2008 lookbook/catalogue.

After disappearing from the runways for what seemed like too long, we are unbelievably psyched that she’ll return full-force next week as Spring 2009 Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week kicks off! In fact, here is her IMG showcard, proof enough to get you as excited as we are!