News Roundup: Marc Jacobs does condoms, Kate Moss a DJ, Cavalli speaks and Luke Wilson designs?

It has been a rather interesting few days of fashion related news, what with a Stella McCartney design being used in a fur ad and all. But that isn’t all of it…

  • For the girl who loves Marc Jacobs, a blue Marc Jacobs condom was available on eBay recently. Complete with a personal note reminding the recipient to “remember safety first” from the designer himself. It had a buy it now price of $1.99 and sure enough, it was sold. I wonder if Marc is annoyed that his gift was flogged on eBay… [NY Mag]
  • Kate Moss isn’t happy with her reported 50 million GBP deal to take her Topshop collection to China. According British tabloid, The Daily Mail, the supermodel wants to show off her skills behind the decks in Ibiza. Unfortunately for Moss, she was told to go away. [DailyMail]
  • Speaking of Kate Moss, Roberto Cavalli has spoken his mind again, saying models like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell don’t have what it takes to “be a true star”. Then why did the designer cast Moss is various advertising campaigns for his brand over the years? [UK FabSugar]
  • Meanwhile, the other Wilson brother, Luke, has teamed up with golfer, Johan Edfors o co-design a collection of golf wear for Puma. The collection reportedly caters to both extroverts and introverts – representing both men’s personal tastes. [LA Times]