Gemma Ward to officially retire from the runway?

We’ve all suspected that Gemma Ward’s days on the runway and modeling for editorials in the biggest fashion magazines in the world could be numbered. What with her fledgling acting career which includes substantial roles in The Strangers with Liv Tyler and The Black Balloon where she was even given rave reviews for her acting skills.

Now street rag, Pedestrian, are reporting that an insider source says that Gemma will “officially retire” from the runway to pursue the lure of Hollywood.

While Gemma is pursuing her dreams, why announce an official departure from the modeling world when you can command between $10,000 to $20,000 for a 10 minute fashion show appearance and a lot more for a major advertising campaign?

Would you miss Gemma if she left the fashion world to become an actress?

[Update] Gemma has told The Cut that she isn’t planning on quitting fashion yet but according to her agent, she won’t be walking the September runways.


  • Fab Sugar UK says:

    Yes! Absolutely. Although I appreciate that she can’t model forever…

  • kitty says:

    argh!!! Gemma is one of my favourite models.
    I think she has a gorgeous face. It’s unusual but interesting.

    I actually like Gemma more than Miranda…

  • Lizzie says:

    Yeah, I like Gemma more than Miranda too.

    Gemma is more unique and high end fashion while Miranda is very mainstream with her VS and DJs deals. Mind you, it’s probably making her a shit load of money.

  • ALex says:

    PLS Gemma…..don leave the runway!!!!!!!

  • ilovemarni says:

    I think Gemma was packing on more weight than necessary for a runway model… I keep from having to be food deprived she probrably was looking for a healthier outlet for her good looks. I think I saw this coming.

  • ilovemarni says:

    not I* should have read: “to keep from having…”

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