Flashback: A young Kate Moss opens up about nudity and trend setting

Warning: this video may not be suitable for minors (or work).

We all know how Kate Moss begun modeling at the tender age of 15 and boy would she have seen and experienced some sights.

In this rare video interview by photographer David Bailey for his 1998 ‘Models Close Up’ documentary, she talks about appearing topless in editorials, the nudity backstage at fashion shows and being a trend setter – though not the good trends.

Like any seasoned model, Moss says you get use to it: “it’s your job, you have to take off your clothes and put more on.”

Known for being a trend setter, Moss talks about how she has been blamed for starting more than just a fashion trend. “I’ve been blamed for everything under the sun, anorexia, then smoking, then heroine… I just do what I want to do, I don’t think about being a role model or that sort of thing”

While it may be over 10 years old, it’s an intriguing interview, when you factor in the fact that Moss has rarely granted interviews over the years. Unlike many of her contemporaries, Moss is often seen but not heard.

Do you think that is a good or bad thing?


  • Kelly says:

    I think it’s better for actresses and models not to give interviews. If we know too much about them personally, it’s hard to see them as the character they are attempting to morph into.

  • Chen says:

    I like her much better in this interview than the way she’s been portrayed as recently. She is really free spirited and there’s this spark of irony about it all 🙂

  • Lizzie says:

    She is rather fresh in this, but you can really see how weathered she is looking now. Perhaps its a sign of age, or ciggarettes.

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