Beyonce Knowles, photoshopped into a white woman by L’Oreal?

Beyonce Knowles has been an L’Oreal spokesperson for over 7 years, but it seems that controversy has struck the cosmetics giant again.

TMZ are asking is Beyonce has been given some skin lightening with her caramel skin coloring noticeably missing from her latest Feria hair colour ads, and the Post Chronicle are asking if she’s been given some “dead white girl’s” hair.

While the hair can be down to a poor dye/blow dry job the skin tone is questionable, considering Beyonce looked considerably darker in a 2005 ad for L’Oreal’s Glam Shine lipstick.

For a company who recently came under fire for giving Penelope Cruz false eyelashes in a ad for L’Oreal’s Telescopic mascara print and advertising ads, this latest development can’t be good for the brand.

It might not be false advertising to change a person’s skin tone, but what was wrong with Beyonce’s natural skin tones for a hair colour ad? She is practically as white as the model on the product packaging.

[Update] L’Oreal have denied that they lightened Beyonce’s skin. “It is categorically untrue that L’Oréal Paris altered Ms. Knowles’ features or skin-tone in the campaign for Feria’s hair color,” a spokesperson said.

You be the judge.


  • kitty says:

    ~Sigh~ oh the magic of Photoshop.

  • Silver Jewellery says:

    What a tragic shame, that the beauty industry continues to mislead us in search of a quick buck. Is it any wonder none of us are happy with our shape, size, colour or eyelash length?! The model I use for my site, is photoshopped ONLY to give a flame coloured wash to match our brand. We leave her face EXACTLY as it is. Shame others can’t do the same.

  • God says:

    So what? Beyonce wants to look more white and so do MOST black women. That’s why they straighten their hair and uses extensions. Black woman hair doesn’t look like that. When is the last time you seen a black woman with an afro? Exactly. Black men like white womenpussy and will only date a black if she’s “got her weave on right”. No perm, no love! Black females put all kinds of God awful chemicals in their hair every day just to look like the cute white chick next door. Black hair ain’t meant to blow in the wind! You all doing all you can to look like white people. Why shouldn’t Beyonce? Anyway only a piss poor businessperson would cater to blacks. Blacks don’t wanna pay for anything. They’d rather steal and bootleg everything they own. Look at all these rappers that gotta run drugs on the side just to keep up appearances. Every car and every piece of bling belongs to rent-a-center. You can’t make a living with blacks as your fan base. Go head Beyonce! Half of a singing career’s lifespan comes from sex appeal. Ain’t no white man or black man looking at a turd with an afro. Having brillo pad hair and skin the color of something that slips out of my ass is nothing to be proud of. Now if she’d slim down that ghetto booty and take a couple of bleach bathes even blacks might start to pay for her records.

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