5 Reasons Why We Love RUSSH’s September 2008 Issue

As Sassybella’s origins are in fact, Australian, it seems especially fitting for us to give some major props to the editorial brilliance of the upcoming issue of fashion and lifestyle bible, RUSSH. Despite the antipodal seasonal difference, the entire issue burns with the best Fall 2008 has to offer. The cover shot and headline effortlessly encapsulate the quintessence of the season while the contents accurately profile the people, clothing, and moods that make its arrival both vital and distinct. In no particular order, five reasons why we think RUSSH Sept. 2008 rocks:

1.) Rodarte! Way back in February, Rodarte presented us with one of Fall’s most innovative and visually perplexing collections. It tantalized both the avant-garde and mainstream editorial realms; media visibility intensified. But would the hype last? While some have doubted this wonderfully imaginative label’s sustainability in the past, if the preponderance of glossy consumer magazine support witnessed in the past few weeks(!) is any indication, the Mulleavy sisters have truly arrived. They have not only broke new ground with their macabre ballerina aesthetic, they’ve earned their own stake in high fashion territory. Hurray, RUSSH, for reinforcing poisoned femininity’s cause!

2.) Karlie Kloss! Her fox-eyed glare rivals Sasha’s and her jolie-laid beauty evinces a younger, (even) sulkier Kate Moss. Karlie’s appeal is specific and it suits the turn towards minimalist, simply and elegantly expressed ideals. We love her and we know she’s bound to escalate to new heights of fame in the coming fashion weeks. We hope to meet her, too. Shh!

3.) “Grunge & Glamour”, right on the cover! Yes, those concepts do go perfectly together. In the Klein dominated 90s, the collision of bruised beauty, anti-fashion, and ironic glam generated uniquely compelling style icons (Kate again, Shirley Manson, Courtney Love in small doses, the list goes on). Musicians’ and artisans’ life and style philosophies dominated designer’s whims during that era, and we suspect that we’re on the cusp of a return to rock-inspired fashion terrain. Unconventionally stylish musicians like Alison Mosshart and model-turned-grunge-advocate Erin Wasson are accidental tastemakers, yet continue to prove their influence as traces of their style motifs emerge on runways. In the coming seasons, designers will employ organic restraint when designing for the busy lifestyle of women in the creative class; the results will showcase an earthy, cerebral, yet still aspirational functionalism. We hope.

4.) Giles Deacon! RUSSH wisely realized that his Fall 2008 collection is INDEED the key force responsible for casting the the black, witchy magic in which the season delights. Is it just us, or did everyone else woefully neglect to recognize Deacon’s gripping design acumen this time around? He has done the creative legacy of British design huge favors and deserves more credit globally.

5.) Marc, David, Hedi, oh my! Marc Jacobs is everywhere, always, but we never tire of him. Hedi Slimane’s angular, moody portraiture has yet to fail to captivate us. And David Lynch? Well, whatever he’s offering here, we’ll take it. It could even be said that the burgeoning season is Lynchean in nature, making his inclusion in RUSSH’s September issue all the more apropos.

Hats off to you, RUSSH!

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