Vera Wang’s Got the Look

Few designers are as smart with their branding as Vera Wang. It’s hard to believe that she began in bridal, and was almost pigeon-holed in that field, before becoming a respected member of the fashion community. Now, she is on par with other purveyors of lifestyle brands such as Oscar de la Renta and Calvin Klein, and even has her own line of mattresses. But still, her name is synonymous with bridal couture, and in the world of high fashion, that isn’t exactly a positive.

Come this November; however, the industry’s perception of the designer may change. Wang is getting ready to launch her newest fragrance with Coty Prestige, the company that holds the license to Vera Wang Fragrances, called Look. The launch of the fragrance will coincide with the opening of her first free-standing¬† ready-to-wear boutique in New York’s Soho neighborhood. “It’s really about building on the fashion aspect of my business,” Wang says, “- it represents that desire and that energy.”

The fashion forward scent, created in partnership with Firmenich, contains top-notes of Mandarin, watery greens, lychee, and Golden Delicious apples; a fittingly feminine combination for the designer. It’s estimated that the fragrance will do about thirty-five million USD globally in it’s first year on the market, which seems to make perfect sense considering Wang’s fragrance business tripled after Coty released her first non-bridal related scent, Princess, back in 2006.

The scent will debut at Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus in the states in early November, with global distribution to follow in the spring of 2009. How do you think Wang’s newest perfume will fare? Are you looking forward to Look?

[via WWD]