News bites: Did Marc Jacobs get married this weekend? And make up for men?

Did Marc Jacobs get married this weekend?

That’s the question on all fashion lovers’ lips right now. Rumors surfaced last week over on Fashionista that the golden-boy of the design world was going to tie the knot with his beau of three months, Brazilian hottie Lorenzo Martone, in Paris no less. However, as the tipster was suspect, no one paid much attention. Now,  the New York Post’s gossip page, Page Six, is reporting that the duo did in fact wed in France over the weekend and were issued a civil solidarity pact; a form of union that is not legally binding. Gossip blogger, Perez Hilton; however, is reporting via an exclusive source that they did not wed. Either way, marriage after three months of dating seems a little fast, no?

Know any metrosexuals, or rockers who like to steal their ladies’ makeup? Well, pretty boys of the world, rejoice! ‘Taxi Man’, a men’s cosmetics range just launched by British chain Superdrug, promises to end the thieving. The line includes manscara (too funny!) and guy-liner that’s a bit chunkier for less precise male-hands. The line’s creator says, “We’ve developed essentials any guy would borrow from his other half. It’s about subtle make-up rather than wanting to create the drag queen look.”  I’m all for guys taking care of themselves, but eyeliner on a man, no matter how artfully applied, never looks subtle. [via Jezebel]