Model.Live – Vogue’s reality TV show

It seems unlikely, but the proliferation of reality television has even reached the halls of somber American Vogue.

The magazine is set to debut a new reality show, Model.Live, on on August 19th. It isn’t exactly on par with America’s Next Top Model’s massive pop cultural reach, with only twelve eight minute webisodes, but it is an interesting step for the magazine, considering how it holds itself in such high esteem.

The show will follow three IMG signed models (so no desperate wannabes here) as they try to break into the world of serious runway and editorial work. The show also promises not to shy away from the grittier side of modeling; so it seems if the girls experience depression, eating disorders, rejections, and whatever other hardships the industry sends their way, we get to see it. The dichotomy of this very realistic view of modeling versus Tyra Bank’s sugarcoated world of outlandish photo shoots and unlikely make overs will be quite interesting.

Take a look at the promo clip below and briefly meet our girls: Cato, Austria, and Madeline. Judging by the trailer and the minimalistic piano music, they are going for a very serious tone.

What do you think? Will you watch?