Love Karl Lagerfeld? He’s been one busy man

It’s a rare fashion fan who doesn’t adore, or at the very least respect, the eponymous Karl Lagerfeld. He is one of the most recognized faces in fashion (seriously, if a straight guy knows who he is, that’s big), and he also happens to be one of the most talented designers of his generation. Happily, he never stays out of the spotlight for long; check out what Kaiser Karl’s been up to as of late…

A New Documentary: Lagerfeld has a new documentary in the works that will air on French television channel France 5 this October. The doc, directed by Thierry Demaiziere and Alban Teurlai, is part of a series for the channel called “Empreintes” or “Impressions” and it will comprise of Lagerfeld’s personal reflections on his career and childhood in Germany as well as interviews with fans Brigitte Bardot and soccer star Michel Platini among others. Don’t live in France and can’t wait for Youtube clips? Rent the excellent feature-length documentary, Lagerfeld Confidential to sate your need for Karl up close. [via WWD]

He is Designing an Island in Dubai: Yes, it seems Lagerfeld can do anything design-wise, from recreating the classic Chanel suit and quilted bag, to staging the ultimate fashion show for Fendi on the Great Wall, and now the design titan is creating very exclusive homes on Isla Moda, or Fashion Island, part of Dubai’s extravagant “The World” project consisting of a man-made archipelago designed to look like the Earth’s continents as viewed from above. I’m not exactly sure where Isla Moda is on Earth, but I would sure love to visit! [via WWD]

He’s Funny: He may design incredible clothes, take amazing photographs, and manage to be one of the coolest and most aloof people on the planet, but you really haven’t made it until you start to become fodder for comedians. Have a look at the humor site,, and enjoy having a laugh at Lagerfeld’s love of diet coke, plethora of Ipods, and his strange ability to speak in overreaching aphorisms. This Karl may be fake, but it’s a quirky approximation of the real thing.

And while you’re gallivanting around the Internet looking for all things Karl, check out the new beta version of WWD. Have fun!