How to catch a Marc Jacobs thief, Louisiana style

The internet has offered up many ingenuous ways to catch a thief. Especially thieves that steal high end merchandise with their mother/daughter.

A mother-daughter shoplifting team hit Kiki, a hip upscale women’s boutique in Louisiana, and stole a Marc Jacobs handbag.

Luckily for the shop owners (who coincidentally enough, are also a mother and daughter team) the whole incident was all caught on security camera and the footage was uploaded on to YouTube for the world to see and perhaps help. So if you recognize the pair, contact Kiki on 225-767-9704.

Meanwhile another way of catching shoplifters, especially ones who steal expensive formal dresses, is to attend all formals in the area in the coming months, find the girl wearing your one-of-a-kind dress and have the girl arrested in front of her classmates.

That’s what a shop owner did in Darling Downs, a town in Queensland, Australia. Though it turns out the girls’ sister and mother were the ones found guilty in the end and not the student.

See below for another camera angle of the Kiki/Marc Jacobs handbag shoplifting incident.

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