His name is William Rast: Justin Timberlake model for his denim line

William Rast (played by Justin Timberlake) and Erin Wasson are lovebirds on the run from the police in the fall winter 2008/09 advertising campaign for the denim line founded by Timberlake and Trace Ayala in 2006. The print and web shorts are entitled, My Name is William Rast, with Timberlake co-writing, co-directing and composing the score.

“We came up with this idea for him to play a role as this guy named William Rast,” [creative director] Johan Lindeberg said. “So it isn’t meant to be Justin, it’s Justin playing a role, as an actor. When we explained the idea, he instantly loved it and got really into building the profile of this character.”

Don’t the pair look sexy in thir leather jackets and snug jeans? They don’t look like rebels without a cause, but the jeans sure look good. Are you a fan of William Rast jeans?

Don’t forget to check out WilliamRastMovie.com later this month when the trailers and gallery are launched.

Check out more photos below!

[via Off the Rack and WWD]

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  • kitty says:

    hmm for some reason I’ve never thought of Justin as very masculine…but more a bit of a sissy…

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