Hayden Panettiere is Candie’s girl for Fall 2008/09 – and pimps their clothes in her music video

Candie’s have announced that Hayden Panettiere is staying on as the face of their fall winter 2008/09 advertising campaign that will be integrated with the release of her debut single, Wake Up Call.

In her second season (her first was spring summer 2008) as the face of the youth brand, the cross promotion continues into Hayden’s music video for Wake Up Call, which was style exclusively by Candie’s apparel, footwear and accessories. So it comes as no surprise that clips from the music video will be used in Candie’s television commercials.

“The concept of my video is to give a guy who doesn’t treat his girlfriend well a wake up call and show him all the different aspects of a woman’s personality. Candie’s is the perfect fit because their styles are diverse and benefit the video as they show off all of the different sides of my character in the video,” Hayden said in a release.

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Hayden and collaborate with her during this exciting time in her career as she debuts “Wake Up Call”,” Dari Marder, Chief Marking Officer of Candie’s added. “Hayden is the ideal Candie’s girl, she is what Hollywood calls a triple threat as she currently has a successful television and film career and is now poised to become a powerful recording artist. ”

The convenient partnership also extended into a print campaign which see’s Hayden looking “sexy and sweet” in a variety of vignettes, photographed by Giuliano Bekor (pictured above and below).

You can check out the Wake Up Call video and Candie’s commercial on the Candie’s website. Though if you watch one, you’ve pretty much seen the other.

Do you think this is a good or bad move for Hayden as she launches her pop career?