Christian Siriano for – blink and you’ve missed it

Project Runway 4 winner, Christian Siriano launched his exclusive collection for last week, but if you were slow off the block to hit “buy” and “check out” then you only have the choice of 3 pieces from the 7 piece collection.

It’s not that the 3 remaining pieces are bad pieces (the gold dress is so adorable), it’s just that you don’t get to buy the puff sleeve jacket (reminiscent of the jacket from his first runway challenge) or the striped blazer.

Fingers crossed BlueFly restock ASAP.

I do wonder why the previous 3 winners never created lines with Banana Republic or Macy’s… though none of them had quite the persona or catch phrases.

Did you snap up any of Christian’s designs from BlueFly? And which former Project Runway contestant do you want to see create an affordable mainstream line?