Agent Provocateur-designed MINI Clubman sells for £45,000

How much would you pay for a Agent Provocateur-designed Mini Clubman?

The special-edition car was unveiled at the Life Ball 2008 last month and placed on Austrian eBay soon after where 77 bidders pushed the bidding up to £45,000 (approx USD$70,000) where the proceeds from the auction go towards fighting AIDS.

Given a police style makeover, the Agent Provocateur Miniclub featured their signature colours; pink and black, complete with a pink flashing light on the roof, and velour foot mats. All to create the feeling of a sexy prison cell.

“Inside there is a truly seductive prison cell which is fitted out with leather loops as manacles that are attached directly to the walls, as well as mirrored windows and metallic prison bars,” says Joseph Corre, founder of lingerie label Agent Provocateur.

“Always under the assumption that the long arm of the law requires plenty of space when questioning a prisoner, we fitted our Agent Provocateur police MINI Van with couch seats in the back and leg restraints for forensic examinations. The quilted leather seats and tailor-made compartments for notebook and pen, the Agent Provocateur MINI police car is the perfect vehicle for finding a criminal’s hidden treasures, don’t you think?” says Joseph Corre, founder of lingerie label Agent Provocateur.


Agent Provocateur join a prestigious list of designers who have created their own Mini’s in the past for the Life Ball with Missoni, Gianfranco Ferre and Versace some of the notable names.