The Sex and the City girls cover US Marie Claire’s July 2008 issue

In April, Jossip reported that the Sex and the City girls had been photographed for separate US Marie Claire July 2008 covers (because apparently they couldn’t share the cover), and here they are.

It was unveiled via an eBay auction featuring Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover with the co-stars Kim Cattrall, Kristen Davis and Cynthia Nixon sharing separate inside covers. There are currently no bids but with a few days before bidding ends on June 9, you still time to score all the copies.

Word is that only Sarah Jessica Parker’s cover is set to hit newsstands, so if you’re a Marie Claire subscriber you had better be crossing your fingers you get a copy of the magazine with one of the other girls on it. Unless you’re happy with your favorite SATC character relegated to the inside pages of the magazine.

On a different note, how many times have you seen the Sex and the City movie? Once, twice, three times, daily?


  • Chen says:

    Hehe not a chance. I’ve never watched any SATC. Nixon looks a bit draggish on the cover.

  • Marie says:

    They all look so airbrushed, but glowing and healthy. But the movie… saw it once, and that’s enough!

  • kitty says:

    I so do not give a damn about SATC but I admit have seen a few episodes to see what people were wearing.

    I can’t stand Carrie: she seems to think she is so darn cute/sexy/adorable etc.

    I think most people on the street would look better than Cynthia + Kim offscreen + sans makeup/photoshop. Those two seem most transformed when they are on screen.

    I don’t particularly like SJP but she does seem like a nice person.

    oh so sad, but it seems looks matter…a lot

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