Nicole Kidman’s July 2008 Vogue cover

As predicted by many sources, it is official that Nicole Kidman has landed the cover of US Vogue’s July 2008 issue which was potographed earlier this year on the set of Baz Lurhrmann’s latest movie, Australia, by Annie Leibovitz.

While Vogue’s Photoshop experts would have been hard at work to create images that look positively idyllic, the portraits take my breath away. Well two of them anyway.

Check out the behind the scene video at’s Vogue section and get your eye candy (Hugh Jackman joins Kidman in some of the shots) in the 16 page spread in the magazine.


  • Chen says:

    Sorry to say this but Nicole looks out of place in all those shots. As photos, they would look much better without her in them or without any of the background.

  • kitty says:

    I think Nicole really needs her brigade of makeup artists, hairdressers + stylists.
    She looks nothing like this in real life.

    To me she looks mostly awkward in the shots.

  • Kate says:

    Helen, I agree with you. I love the dramatism of the shots. The scenes look magnificent. Leibovitz has done a stunning job. And Nicole’s regal look contrasts so well with the rural landscape, but at the same time gels so well with it when you consider the women of that era. Love them.

    And while I agree that Nicole looks very different in real life, I think she is stunning in real life without the stylist and the makeup. In fact she looks better in jeans with her honey curly locks tied back.

  • Anon says:

    I think you will find that she looks even better in real life. She is actually someone who needs less makeup and stylists to be beautiful and needs even less photoshop/airbrushing work because in person, there is nothing to photoshop about her especially after seeing the video of the shoot on Vogue’s website.

    I don’t know what photos you are looking at but there is no awkwardness in those pics, the video I mentioned above showed how at ease she was. And considering that she has been doing photoshoots for over 20 years, I daresay that she can nail any pose in her sleep.

    A very beautiful layout featuring a very beautiful woman. Looking forward to the movie.

  • Anon says:

    She is not going anywhere, she is not going to be ugly, she is going to be sitting at the top for a very long time. I would say you should just suck it up because she will be on more covers this year and will be everywhere when Australia opens.

  • Rose says:

    I seriously think some people are really jealous and just cant accept when someone else looks good at an older age. All the people that talk crap about her looks or anything else for that matter, get over it! She’s successful, beautiful, and probably happy, and if I were her, I wouldn’t wanna read half the ignorant things people say.
    Go Nicole!

  • Juta says:

    Where is the baby bump!

  • Kate says:

    And now she has had the baby! Gosh I hope I look as fabulous as she did if I ever get pregnant. Amazing!

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