Louis Vuitton bags seized by Chinese authorities for not meeting standards

China Daily is reported that luxury French fashion house, Louis Vuitton, has had to close its boutique in HangZhou, China with most of the stock seized by authorities.

The article continues with news that the store’s window display cleaned out, curtains drawn and door logos carefully covered with white paper.

“Last Friday morning, officers with the local industry and commerce authority entered the shop for an apparent spot check. Then salespeople began politely asking customers to leave and reported the incident to the head office. Later, the officers seized nearly all of the bags in the shop, which had been closed during the seizure, according to an anonymous newspaper source.

The events of Friday was reportedly due to a spot check in May where the provincial Administration of Industry and Commerce says the administration found that “some of the boutique’s products did not measure up to standards”.

Zhao Xiaojing, the director of communications for Louis Vuitton China, says the problem was caused by lack of one small piece of sample leather, which is usually attached to the product as a material mark in China.

“All our leather accessories are produced in France and the mark is not required by regulations there,” Zhao said.

The store has had to close due to lack of stock to sell, and reallocating stock was out of the question.

Read more about the story here or stay tuned for more developments.


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