Giorgio Armani outfits Christian Bale in The Dark Knight

Batman’s alter ego, Bruce Wayne, was given the designer treatment with custom made Giorgio Armani suits for the upcoming Batman movie, The Dark Knight.

Christian Bale, who plays Batman, exclusively wears Giorgio Armani hand made-to-measure suits and coats in the movie as Wayne.

“As a Giorgio Armani Hand Made-to-Measure client, Bruce Wayne is demonstrating his status as a discriminating and sophisticated connoisseur of fine fashion, while also showing he has individual taste,” said Armani. “It is also fitting that I should be dressing a superhero this year, as I am pleased to have chaired the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art’s exhibition, Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy, last May.”

Of course with such a high profile partnership, a movie still with Bale in an Armani suit, will also be used as the visual for and upcoming Armani advertising campaign.

This isn’t the first time Armani has had a significant costume presence in a movie, but this is the first time he’s dressed a superhero.