Be a Clinique Insider – they’re looking for you now

Australia has their Clinique IT Girls speading the word about Clinique (they even have their own Facebook group), now Clinique fanatics in the US can put their name forward to be a Clinique Insider.

What does being an “insider” involve? Well you get the chance to see exclusive peeks at the latest Clinique skincare and make up products, submit your own product reviews to be published on and have access to special events and receive a special welcome kit which includes full-size Clinique products and a Flip Video digital camcorder!

Clinique are looking for 20 women across the country to be part of this team, so what are you waiting for – apply here!


  • Sarah says:

    I’ve never heard of these clinique girls. do they just work at the counters?

  • Lizzie says:

    I read that the girls go to Aus Clinique events. But what events have there been besides Cleo bachelor? And even there we didn’t hear about the girls. Do they fly the girls in from other states?

    I want to apply for the US one – you get a free video camera! I must come up with a creative entry.

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