Alice Dellal, the next face of Agent Provocateur?

The British-Brazillian socialite and part-time model, Alice Dellal, is said to have done some trial photoshoots for luxury lingerie label, Agent Provocateur.

At 20, word has it the shoot will be released this September with the hype over the images due to be bigger than Kate’s virgin bride images and videos .

“Kate’s [Moss] shots were really well received but bosses thought it was time to move on,” a source told The Telegraph. “They want a fresh new face and think they’ve found just the candidate in Alice.”

While we think the rumor drama over Dellal “replacing” Moss are well and truly exaggerated – after all, AP rarely stick with the same model two campaigns in a row, and weren’t there Lily Cole replacing Kate rumours just a week or so ago? – it could be interesting to see what this new “face” brings to the brand.

Unfamiliar with Alice Dellal? She recently shot a series of photographs with Nick Knight’s ShowStudio – wearing clothes that dissolves in water.


  • kitty says:

    Hmm don’t really like her…
    Models are mostly judged on their looks and I’m not too keen on hers…
    Maybe AP is trying to target the younger mkt…time will tell what Alice’s campaign will look like!

    Oh christ I hope it’s nothing like MJ’s Posh campaign.

  • Amy says:

    She looks a bit manish.
    not really loving her at all

  • angelaseeangelablog says:

    That’s pretty bad, I would have hated Kate just as much though.

  • Chen says:

    Yeah not really working for me, but AP can doll up their models.

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