Agyness Deyn the face of Jean Paul Gaultier’s Ma Dame fragrance

Jean Paul Gaultier fragrances are often known for their iconic perfume bottles in the shape of a torso. Now he’s set to release another fragrance for the energetic, modern and young women called Ma Dame with British model of the moment, Agynes Deyn fronting the campaign with Gaultier himself.

Deyn was the perfect choice as the face, with Gaultier telling StyleFile that he called the fragrance Ma Dame instead of madame because “it’s my type of woman – at the same time fragile and strong, like a tomboy that is a little androgynous in attitude so, you know, she can cut her hair if she wants.”

“It’s a cliché that women have to have long hair to seduce a man. But [cutting your hair] means something – an independence, that women don’t always have to seduce a man. They can seduce a woman, if they want.”

What do you think of the Ma Dame imagery (photograted by Jean-Baptiste Mondino), cool, chic and making you curious about the fragrance?

Check out the fragrance commercial below where Agyness hacks off her hair and clothes to look cool, modern and unladylike.


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